Bond Refund Process

At the end of the tenancy, landlords and tenants need to complete a bond refund form whether it is to return the bond to tenants in full, or in part.

On receiving a bond from a tenant the landlord must lodge it within 23 working days. The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 Section 19.1(B). Duties of landlord on receipt of bond: The landlord shall, within 23 working days after the payment is made, forward the amount received to the chief executive, together with a statement of particulars in the approved form signed by the landlord and the tenant.


If the parties agree

If the tenant and the landlord agree on how the bond is to be split, they should fill out a bond refund form. Once everyone signs the form, it should be emailed to [email protected].

If you have more than two tenants, an additional tenants bond refund form should also be completed

Bond refunds are usually processed within ten working days.

Overpayments of rent
Section 31 of the Act states that upon the termination of the tenancy, the rent should be apportioned accordingly and any overpayment of rent shall be paid to the tenant immediately.

If the parties don’t agree

If the tenants and the landlord do not agree on how the bond is to be split, any party can fill out a bond refund form.

The bond refund form without a signature of the other party can still be sent to Tenancy Services by emailing it to [email protected].

When such a form is received, the Tenancy Services will contact the other party seeking their approval to pay the bond. If the other party agrees to the amounts claimed, then proceed with the refund.

If they can’t agree, the bond will be placed into dispute. It will only be refunded on receipt of a fully completed bond refund form or by a Mediator’s Order or by order of the Tenancy Tribunal.

Where there is a dispute, it’s best to ask for a mediator to help reach an agreement. If this doesn’t work, either party can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to claim part of the bond.

If the bond isn’t claimed

If bond remains unclaimed for six years after the tenancy ends, the bond becomes the property of the Crown.

If you ever in doubt about the bond refund process, want to check what can be claimed, or need help with anything tenancy related call Tenancy Services directly on 0800 TENANCY (0800 836 262).