Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Look out for our new Video series covering these questions around property maintenance. 

Some of the most important questions we get asked on a regular basis is around maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

  • How does Quinovic Mt Eden oversee maintenance at my property?
  • Can I personally look after all maintenance and repairs?
  • Can I refurbish or upgrade my property during a tenancy?
  • What constitutes an emergency? (In regards to a tenant complaint or emergency callout situation)

A smooth & long tenancy with limited vacancies and issues is a primary goal with every property we manage. Keeping this as our focus while keeping the rent at the highest fair and reasonable amount helps us deliver our exceptionally high occupancy rates and in return solid rental yields for our clients.

To achieve this we all need the property and its facilities to be maintained to a high level.

Realistically this sometimes cannot be achieved, particularly with older properties which require more maintenance than newer properties.

As a landlord you need a clear understanding with both your tenant and property manager that all maintenance issues will be attended to promptly and all emergencies will be dealt with immediately.


How does Quinovic Mt Eden deal with maintenance?

We have a range of trades people that we have worked with for a number of years and who understand rental property maintenance time restraints and budgets. They know if they do the work on time and within the budget they are going to get paid and have a long standing relationship with us.

Our goal is always to get the work done quickly, effectively and at the least possible cost while maintaining a good relationship with our tenants – who are paying the rent. We understand tenants also have busy personal and work lives and we need to work with them very closely to ensure we continue our reputation of having one of the longest average tenant stays in the market.


Can I personally look after all maintenance and repairs?

Yes. Our services are modular in that if you decide you would rather continue using your existing maintenance team, tradesmen or look after all maintenance yourself we can work in with you and relay all tenant concerns or issues directly.

Can I refurbish or upgrade my property during a tenancy?

Yes and No. It really depends on what you want to do and how accommodating the tenants are with the required works. Its almost always better to just wait to do any large refurbishments in-between tenancies. This can usually be arranged to good effect and to the benefit of all concerned. Landscaping, replacement of flooring, hanging new blinds, light fitting replacement can all be planned well in advance. The painting of rooms can also be planned and ready to go.  With good planning you can minimise the vacancy period on your property allowing just a few days between tenancies when all this work can be carried out quickly and effectively without disrupting tenants.  

In certain circumstances the tenants will be more than happy to accommodate some disruption if they reap the rewards of the new kitchen, bathroom or carpets for example.

What constitutes an emergency? (In regards to a tenant maintenance complaint or emergency callout situation)

Our team are professionals at what we do and can quickly run through a series of questions to quickly diagnose if the problem is an emergency or if it can be dealt with between working hours. We also have a document that each tenant is given when they sign up which helps identify issues and identifies their severity. Read here

We do this because many people arent aware of simple fixes or patches to common maintenance problems in a home and don't understand the heavy cost to the Landlord for an after hours callout. If identified as an emergency and before we call out any after hours tradesmen to repair or resolve an issue whether it is a leaking or burst hot water cylinder or dangerous electrical points we make sure to walk the tenant through steps to safely isolate the problem to reduce further damage or risk to themselves or the home.

For any related questions that you might have, feel free to contact Quinovic Mt Eden 09 373 5400 who have 28 years’ experience managing properties all the way from the Bombay Hills to Warkworth.

How serious is your maintenance issue?

As a tenant, if you notice that something in the property fails to work as it should or otherwise needs repair, you should contact your property manager or landlord as soon as possible. 

The landlord is responsible for ensuring the property is kept in a reasonable state of repair given the age of the property and the rent being paid. Of course, they must also comply with building, health and safety laws & the Residential Tenancies Act. However, the landlord is not obligated to fix every issue brought to their attention. 

As a tenant, unless agreed otherwise, you are responsible for such tasks as replacing light bulbs, changing smoke detector batteries, cleaning windows, dusting, removing cobwebs and routine garden maintenance such as watering, mowing and weeding.

Determine the Severity of the Maintenance Issue

Before calling or emailing your property manager know whether your issue is low, moderate or high in urgency.

  • High Urgency: Needs immediate attention/callout
  • Moderate Urgency: Needs quick attention but not an immediate callout
  • Low Urgency: Worth noting to the landlord but not serious or a risk to personal safety or the homes integrity.

Examples of High Urgency Requests: Immediate Response

  • Burglaries or alarms going off
  • Smell of gas or a defined gas leak
  • Lights, sockets or electrical appliances sparking or surging or any identified & dangerous electrical fault
  • Burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • Blocked or broken toilet or sewage lines
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises (Read here first "What to do if I have no power, water or gas")
  • Failure or breakdown of the stove or oven
  • Fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure

Examples of Moderate Urgency Requests: In a Timely Manner

  • Appliances not working- If provided by the landlord
  • Clogged or broken gutters
  • Clogged or slow shower or sink drain
  • Interior light stop working- Not just the bulb burning out. The actual light fixture is not working.
  • Insects, pests or infestations of any sort if within the first 3 months of the tenancy. After the first 3 months of your tenancy any infestations become a tenant responsibility to remedy. (We still require to be notified)


Examples of Low Urgency Requests: Time Is Not of the Essence

  • Cracked Tiles, worn carpet etc
  • Grout or sealant wearing out or coming up
  • Damaged Flooring That Does Not Create a Walking Hazard- Tear in carpet/stain in carpet/hardwood floor needing repair/saddle coming up
  • Running Toilet (This may become "Moderate in Urgency" if large leak and consistent)
  • Curtains hanging off the rail
  • Small cold water tap leaks (This may become "Moderate in Urgency" if large leak and consistent)
  • Cabinet doors hanging off hinges
  • Minor holes in walls

What is the tenant responsible for?

  • The immediate reporting of all maintenance issues.
  • Removal of garbage and waste from the property including lawn clippings if you are responsible for cutting.
  • Damage caused by the tenant or the tenant’s guests: You can repair this damage but you must first report it and check in with your property manager.

What to do when you have a maintenance issue!

  1. Determine the severity
  2. If "Urgent" call 09 373 5400 immediately
  3. All "Moderate" or "Low" take photos if possible and email with a full description of the issue to [email protected]

Healthy Homes - Ground Moisture Barrier

From the 1 July 2021 a landlord must ensure that their rental property complies within 90 days of a new tenancy but all rental properties must be compliant by 1 July 2024.

We have talked about most of the other requirements in the Healthy Homes Act but haven't discussed the ground moisture barrier requirements. It is estimated that around 1.2 million New Zealand homes have suspended timber floors and a lot of those are in Auckland. We encourage rental property owners to start making the necessary upgrades to their rental property now as it is very likely that 90 days will not be sufficient time for landlords to comply with all of the requirements come 2021.

Why Moisture Barrier?

On average, 250ml of water can evaporate from 1m² of ground in 24 hours. Moisture under a house can cause mould and mildew inside the house, affecting the health of the occupants. Even apparently dry ground will produce about 25 kg of water vapour per day - going straight up into the house (BRANZ data).

Installing heavy duty builders polythene (no less than 0.25mm thick) as a groundsheet effectively reduces rising damp and can lower the moisture level in the home.

The product is available from most hardware stores and is around $8 per sqm, for those DIY landlords, however for the vapour barrier to be effective it needs to be correctly installed. Leaks from water or waste pipes, wet areas, cladding and so on must be dealt with before the material is laid.


The vapour barrier should completely cover the soil and sheets should overlap a minimum of 75 mm and should be butted up to surrounding foundation walls and piles. Sheets should also be weighted down to avoid being moved by the ventilating air movement.


Find out about funding options for making a warmer drier home here.

Why Choose Quinovic Mt Eden?

When it comes to selecting whom you choose to protect and manage your property day-to-day you will quickly realise that there is the best and then there is the rest. There is a reason that we are leaders in this field with 30 years experience in Auckland. Simply put, we are the local experts with uncompromising standards in how we do business.

Sure, there may be others out there that charge less but what part of our extensive management services are you prepared to forgo to save a few dollars?

Stress free property management

With Quinovic Mt Eden, not only do you have the strength of Auckland's largest independent property management company behind you. You also have peace of mind that experienced, property management professionals are looking after your investment.

Instead of having to do daily troubleshooting you can sit back and relax confidently knowing that your property is our top priority. Not sure where to begin? Let us introduce oursleves to you we are sure that we will be a good fit for you.

We help you find the right tenants and help calculate rental rates

  • Rigorous selection and vetting process

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the local rental market will ensure you charge the right rates

  • Regular rent reviews ensure yours is in sync with market changes

  • We'll work hard to ensure your property is always tenanted

  • On average, across Auckland, Quinovic secures $35 more rent per week than other companies and more in the case of private owners

  • We have high visibility across many websites. This means that your property is more likely to be seen and rented quickly

We resolve disputes 

Because property management is our area of expertise and the only thing we do, we understand the current and upcoming legislation. We are immediately responsive to ensure compliance quickly and effectively. When required, our property managers represent our landlords at mediations and tenancy tribunal hearings.

You can trust that your money is in good hands

The handling of all rental funds is managed through our Accounts Manager. Unlike many other property management companies, all money collected on your behalf is held in an audited trust account. This means you know where your dollars are at any time.

From the Bombays to Warkworth, We are on the road near you!

Our investors have property's throughout Auckland from apartments in the city to standalone homes our south Auckland, townhouses in Albany or units in Mt Roskill. We cover it all and provide a single point of contact for our landlords no matter how spread their portfolio is.