Faulty Stove/Oven or other Electrical Faults? – Here’s where to start…

What to do if your stove/oven or major appliance is not working?

  1. Is it turned on at the isolator switch? (usually, ovens have a separate switch nearby that needs to be on)
  2. Check the electrical switchboard
  3. Is the appliance working at all? If not, ensure the appliance is set to ‘Manual’ operation and that the clocks have been reset. Instructions on how to reset the clocks and auto/manual functions can be found on most manufacturers’ websites
  4. Are all the circuit breakers pressed in, or in the ‘up’ position? For the vast majority of houses in this day and age ‘up’ is ‘on’ for circuit breakers
  5. If a circuit breaker is in the ‘down’ position, attempt to reset it by pressing it ‘up’
  6. If it trips immediately or continues to trip periodically, there could be a fault – call us right away

The above are some of the most common issues we hear about. Some of these can be quickly resolved by the resident but if in doubt call us on 09 3735400


The issues in the following points are considered urgent or dangerous and we should be called without delay.

  1. Things that have gone ‘bang’
  2. Burning smells and or smoke coming out of things
  3. Sparking, arcing or electrical flashes
  4. Lights or power flickering or only appearing to be working on half or reduced power
  5. Persons getting ‘shocks’ or ‘tingles’ off anything, especially taps, sinks, and showers


For all other faults or maintenance issues check out our blog post on How to Determine the Severity of your Maintenance Issue & What to Do!

For all emergencies please call 093735400 or if it is not a Serious problem please detail the situation in an email and send to [email protected]