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Some of the most frequent questions our new clients ask.

Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a property management company?

Often times, managing a rental property can become a full time job between maintenance, listing, advertising, tenant selection and tenant management. Our dedicated team takes care of everything for you so you have more time to do the things you love.

Do I really need a property management company if I am travelling or moving overseas?

Sometimes you may wish to travel or even permanently move overseas, and we can help you out there too; our comprehensive systems allow our owners to log in online from anywhere in the world and view financial statements and property condition reports so you can see for yourself the condition of your property. Additionally, if you are out of the country for more than 3 weeks you are legally required to appoint an agent to manage your property in NZ and follow the correct process to inform your tenants.

What kind of legal implications are there for rental property owners?

The maze of regulations and tenancy laws is constantly evolving and it is almost impossible to keep up with how each law applies to you as a do-it-yourself landlord. Our professional team keeps up to date with the relevant legislation while managing your property investment. We also have unlimited access to the country’s foremost specialist tenancy lawyer, ensuring that your interests are protected if any legal situation arises. We provide this service, free to you.

How do I prepare my property for renting?

As a rule, we prefer to maintain properties to a very high standard. A well kept property at the beginning of a tenancy sets an expectation for tenants and increases the chances of maintaining that high standard in the long term. We will work with you to ensure that pre-tenancy preparation includes:

  • Clearing and cleaning all items from all areas including kitchens, bathroom halls and utility rooms
  • Clearing and dusting inside cupboards, on windows sills, light shades and skirting boards
  • Oven cleaning and cleaning of areas behind appliances
  • Marks removed from doors and walls
  • Range hood cleaned, inside filters may need to be cleaned or replaced

We recommend professional cleaning before renting a property. Many owners find that performing a thorough cleaning themselves is much more involved than they expect and it is well worth the cost of professional cleaning.

Does everything have to be working before renting my property?

All outstanding maintenance should be complete before the tenancy starts. Areas that deserve special attention and the most common cause of complaints when tenants move in are:

  • Window draught or not opening and closing properly
  • Doors locked and handles not working properly
  • Cleaning not completed to a high enough standard
  • Taps dripping or difficult to turn on and off
  • Lights not working

If we know about these issues ahead of time, we can coordinate repairs and avoid tenant complaints. Where appropriate, we can exclude them with a special condition in the tenancy agreement.

Will my property yield more rent if I provide white-ware and furnishings?

This will depend on the type of property. In most instances furnishing a property will not yield significantly more rent and can actually decrease the appeal. We assess whether whiteware should be provided on a property-by-property basis. One important consideration is if whiteware is provided with the property then it needs to be maintained unless the tenancy agreement specifies otherwise.

What type of insurance do I need for my property?

Before renting your property you must inform your insurance company that the property will be tenanted and may need to change you insurance policy. We can provide information on specialty insurers who work with rental properties.

Do I need an accountant to keep my rental property records?

No you don’t. Our comprehensive property management systems provide convenient and complete online financial reporting. We do however recommend that you consult an accountant when setting up your rental property arrangements. Working with an accountant in the beginning can ensure that correct structures in place before renting to prevent potentially expensive losses.

What special clauses need to be in the tenancy agreement?

As part of our property management service, we work with you to create comprehensive tenancy agreements to protect your investment. We include property-specific clauses such as specifying who is maintaining the section, whether white-ware is included and who is responsible for maintenance, and other important considerations for your unique property.

Do I need to contact and meet the tenants?

It is our job to deal with tenant issues and to maintain this business relationship you should not be in personal contact with the tenants. We also don’t recommend that you meet the tenants, provide them with personal details, or contact them, let us handle the tenants and provide you with worry-free rental property management.

Should tenants be allowed to keep pets at my property?

We recommend that pets are assessed on an individual basis. In our experience, not allowing pets of any kind will reduce the prospective tenant pool by approximately 20%. However, there are issues regarding how tenancy law is applied to pets in NZ and we will work with you to make you aware of these legal considerations.

Who should be responsible for the section maintenance?

Standard tenancy agreements require the tenant to be responsible for the section. However, in other circumstances it may be desirable to have another party maintain the section. In general, tenants maintain lawns quite well and should be responsible for minor gardening and weeding unless you want to contract with an outside company to handle lawn care.

What happens if the tenants decide to leave before the conclusion of the tenancy?

This is where many do-it-yourself landlords run into problems with tenants. However, this rarely happens with good quality tenants selected with our thorough screening process. If tenants do want to leave unexpectedly or have issues keeping up with rent our team follows a clearly defined process. By following a consistent and timely process if a tenant wants to break a tenancy agreement or in case of rent arrears, risks are minimised and the chance of losses reduced.

Do I have to use Quinovic’s tradespeople for maintenance?

No you don’t. If you have existing tradespeople that you would prefer us use in the maintenance of your property, we will work with your preferred suppliers. However, in our years of rental property management, we have developed relationships with many tradespeople who regularly work on rental properties and understand the special considerations. Additionally, many of our clients choose to utilise Quinovic suppliers because in most instances our suppliers provide discounted rates to Quinovic, reducing your property maintenance costs.

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