Quinovic starts every tenancy with a detailed photographic + written inspection report that both the owner and tenant get copies of. After this initial inspection we inspect the home in detail every 3 months moving forward.


Collecting rent may seem simple enough but it is the most important part of any property managers week. We have a strict zero tolerance on rent defaults and so have a dedicated team member who makes sure all rents are paid without delay.


Market rent will be reviewed every 6 months; this is the maximum frequency allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act. If we find that market rent is higher than the current rent being achieved we will follow all legal requirements to increase the rent fairly.


Tenant selection is critical; the goal is to find a long-term tenant that is clean and tidy, respectful and pays consistently without issue. Beyond collecting a min 4 weeks bond we call all references, landlords, employers, do credit checks + public background check.


Excellent tenant communications and management processes ensure early detection and rapid remedial action for all tenants delinquent in property care or rental payments.
Timely, well-managed changes in tenancies provide maximum rental returns by maximizing occupancy. Efficient and timely administration of rental increases ensuring we are always maximizing an owners return on investment.


In order to maximise our clients yields over time an effective maintenance plan needs to be created and implemented for each property. We look after all aspects of urgent and preventative maintenance if required by arranging repairs and providing advice and assistance where needed.


Accurate income and expenditure statements providing clear and concise financial details, enabling ease of accounting and taxation returns for owners.
Efficient detailed reporting of all maintenance performed. End of Month reports are emailed or mailed at the beginning of each calendar month.


Clients can enjoy easy on-line access to their property records which keeps them in complete control of their investment.

Quinovic Mt Eden Guarantee

To read the full details and all terms and conditions of our Guarantee please click here to download.

Guaranteed Rental Return

If we are unable to achieve the quoted rental amount we quote in our appraisal, we will manage your property FREE of fees for a period of 3 months.

Low Vacancy Guarantee

We will tenant your property within 6 weeks from the date listed.  In the event that we fail to secure a tenant in this time, your first months management is Free.

No Fixed Contract

If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance, you will have the right to terminate our agreement, provided that you give us 14 days to rectify any concerns.

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