Suppliers / Service Providers

As a property investor you want to be sure that your property is being looked after in every respect. One of the areas that require a real focus is that of the Supplier or Service Provider. Inevitably at some point you will have a repair and maintenance requirement for your investment property, which will be brought to your attention by a tenant or through your inspection process. This is where a Supplier or Service Provider will demonstrate their worth.


An excellent Supplier will firstly act promptly on your behalf and turn up to site when they have agreed to be there. They will be able to evaluate the situation, provide an opinion on how the repair and maintenance issue arose (Tenant fault or not), provide an estimate and method of repair and complete the job within the agreed time frame. It is imperative that you know your suppliers well, as they can be the difference between a great experience and a disaster.


Note also that the very astute Supplier will often see other minor repairs or improvements that can potentially add value to your property and enable you to maximize yields by increasing rent post a minor repair and those Suppliers are worth gold. I suggest you hunt out these Suplliers and loom after them as they will ensure you experience is a great one. Happy investing!!