Water arrears

Rent and Water Arrears

One of the greatest concerns that any residential investment property owner has is receiving timely payments for rent and water from tenants. When a tenant misses their obligation to make a payment for rent and or water then an issue can arise.  To ensure that you take the appropriate actions at the appropriate time when a default or arrears occur there are clearly defined actions within the residential tenancies act to guide you. First and foremost when a default occurs, prompt actions is the key. Contact the tenant using all contacts points, phone, email and letter communication. Issue the appropriate 14 day notice which requires that all arrears are brought up to date and all current rent is paid within that 14 day period.


At the end of the elapsed 14 day period, review where you are at and determine your next step. If the tenant is up to date then there are no further actions required. If the tenant is still in arrears then you may issue a tenancy tribunal application request to gain a court date for a hearing and adjudication. However you may also choose to delay a further 7 days so that when the tenancy tribunal application is issued then the tenant is 21 days in arrears and the court must find in your favour with an eviction. As a Landlord, you have the right to forge ahead with the court eviction notice at anytime up to 90 days after the court has issued this notice. This then gives you the opportunity to work with the tenant to correct their behaviour or apply the eviction if nothing changes.