With Auckland house prices at record highs, and rental accommodation at a premium there is huge demand for rental properties. It’s a great time to find the right tenant for your investment property. Quinovic Mt Eden uses a range of marketing tools to give your property exposure to many potential tenants through a range of media.

To help find the right tenant, we take care of the following:

1. Current Listings – a printed and electronic daily listing

We produce a list of available properties daily which can be viewed at our offices or sent to prospective tenants

2. Referrals, many Auckland tenants come with a reliable reputation

Many of our tenants have been referred by friends, family or colleagues to Quinovic Mt Eden, which helps cement trust.

3. Awareness of the Quinovic Brand boosts finding tenants

We invest in radio, outdoor media, digital and print advertising and social media.

4. Quinovic website – Huge page hits help fill tenancies

Our website, Quinovic.co.nz, always has an energetic and ever-changing selection of properties available to rent. New properties are added daily. Potential tenants keep coming back.

5. Other websites

Quinovic also advertise available properties on other New Zealand websites such as Homes.co.nz, Hougarden.co.nz, trademe.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, Wechat, Facebook, Skykiwi.co.nz

6. Email – Quinovic Property Alerts

Our emailed alerts allow tenants to list the criteria for their next home. When we list a property that matches their selection, we coordinate this digitally.

7. ‘For Rent’ Signs are available

Many of our Auckland tenants come to Quinovic after seeing a ‘For Rent’ sign outside an available property.

Quinovic is one of the first names people think of when they think Auckland rental property

Quinovic has a duty of care to get your home occupied by the right people, especially if you’re overseas and can’t come to Auckland.

  • We get a large amount of positive feedback on our website due to the fact that it is updated frequently. We have staff who are responsible for updating the site immediately as a property’s status changes.
  • Each week that your property is vacant you will receive a web report about attendances to viewings and online views, so we have perspective on whether anything extra needs to be done to fill the property more quickly
  • Over 65% of our tenants come to us via our online portals while the rest come to us from our other marketings outlets.


The Ins and Outs of Tenant Selection

How Quinovic Mt Eden helps you find Good Tenants for your Auckland rental property

It’s your property – we just help you achieve your desires. Our leasing consultants establish which real tenants match your vision of dream tenants. We talk over:

  • Whether pets help or hinder getting the place tenanted
  • Fixed versus periodic tenancy, and the rules around whether tenants must stay or leave at the end of their term
  • What the tenants’ income indicates
  • Whether any Tenancy Tribunal history with the tenants will impact their tenancy going forward
  • Misconceptions and erroneous beliefs around letting fees, so-called pet bond, Residential Tenancies Act rules
  • Whether a family or a few single professionals are the best fit for the property

Matching the tenants to the property

Some neighbourhoods attract one type of tenants, other neighbourhoods attract others. Quinovic Mt Eden can advise on the types of tenants who traditionally want to be in the neighbourhood.

  • Quinovic will advise on market rent and how this affects tenancy – how much you should spend on the property, how much rent and bond should be paid
  • An apartment, flat, unit, historic villa or new build all come with their own ideal tenants due to the size of the place and other factors. We’ll help you understand whether the property is best for one or two people, or a family with children
  • Location benefits are affected by whether you’re looking at tenants who want a school zone, or to be near transport, or the central business district
  • Gardens seem essential for some properties but non-essential in others. Quinovic can advise on whether a garden is a dealbreaker in your rental property or not

To speak to an agent about listing your property with Quinovic Mt Eden Call Jay on 021 836087